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This company was not only founded to publish books for children but to also address the needs of children who have difficulty reading. Everyone should be able to enjoy a book and should not have antiquated publishing standards that limit one's ability to do so. In our modern age it is not hard to publish so that reading is smoother.

Why have books with hyphens? Why not use a font, like Open Dyslexic that has been proven to enhance children's ability to read? Why not use tinted pages so text is easier to read? We here, at Amazing Books, strive from start to finish to make books that are easy to read for all readers alike. We take the time to do the formatting right and we do not cut corners. Here, at Amazing Books we strive to "Never Stop Being Amazing!" in all that we do, so we do everything to make sure every book we put out is simply amazing for all children.

"Our Mission is to produce modern publishing to help all children read."

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